Deaf-Blind Equipment Program

Deaf-Blind Program Information Sheet

Deaf-Blind Equipment Program Application

If you or someone you know is a Maine resident with hearing loss as well as vision loss, you may qualify for the (Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program) DBEDP.

Equipment that may be received through this 2-year pilot program includes, but is not limited to:

-Laptop or desktop computers

– IPads or other tablets

– Computer software (i.e. screen reader software text zooming software)

-OCR (optical character recognition) devices

– Computer accessories including specialized keyboards, speakers, microphones, and mice

-Braille communicators

-Amplified telephones and cellular phones

In order to find out if you are eligible, you can contact the Maine Center on Deafness and ask for Erin Sprinkle, Deaf-Blind Equipment Program Coordinator. Qualification is established through an application process which requires proof of annual income, and proof of disability by a doctor or other trained professional.  After eligibility is approved, an in-home assessment/ at-work assessment of need may be conducted. This is to ensure that we find the appropriate equipment match to achieve successful communication.